About Us

Water in The Landscape is an initiative of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) and funded by NSW Environmental Trust. Between 2010 and 2012 we want the people of Western Sydney to start thinking and talking about the water all around them and how it affects their quality of life.

What’s it about?
The name says it all; Water in The Landscape is all about water around us: ● the amount and quality of water in our creeks, rivers and lakes ● stormwater, drainage and flooding ● irrigation of parks, playing fields and farms ● groundwater ● pollution ● soil erosion and ● salinity.

What do we do?
The project aims to bring communities together, getting residents, neighbours, local businesses and community groups exploring the issues of water management and its impact on our environments.

How do we do it?
We organise fun and unique events all over Western Sydney –  and everybody is invited! Come along and celebrate the water around us and help us find ways to improve those areas that need some help.

It’s all about you
We invite you to come to our events and to share your view with the rest of the world. Send us your photo’s, stories, or comments on the water in places.

Hush Puppies Australia

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Things to Look for in a Computer Repairs Melbourne Company

Things to Look for in a Computer Repairs Melbourne Company
Computer experts are people with diverse skills to diagnose any issues that seem to make a computer to lose its proper functionality. Besides having great tools to accomplish various tasks, computer repairs Melbourne experts have different skills and expertise. This means one would not expect to get similar charges from different experts. For this reason, it is necessary to ask some questions that could help to reveal their reliability as far as getting the machine repaired is concerned. It is important to ask them several questions as outlined in this piece. 

For the most reliable computer repairs Melbourne, it is necessary to inquire if the expert charges on an hourly basis, or simply a flat fee for the whole service. In most cases, hourly charges have proved more expensive. It is also possible that the expert may delay the process so as to reap more. So, if the company offers the two options, it is preferable to work on a flat fee basis. 

Consult about the bench charge, the fee that one pays to have the computer diagnosed. Different computer repairs Melbourne companies place different charges on their services. If this is included, one can negotiate for price relaxation. This is because more expenses may come in if there will be need to have replacements. When handling more than one computer, probably ones used in a library, it becomes easy to negotiate for discounts. This also depends on the company and their willingness to impress their customers.

Good experts for computer repairs Melbourne by 1300fixnow.com.au should be well conversant with the business need of the customer. If the system needs to be upgraded to feature a better interface for clients, the repair expert should be able to offer a creative solution to that. 

For someone with many computers that need to be repaired, it is necessary to consult whether the company offers remote services. Carrying more than ten machines to be repaired may mean more expenses, so choosing a company that offers remote computer repairs Melbourne would be the best idea ever. 

In case the company fixes new hardware in the machine, ask them whether they offer warranty for the same. A good company should offer at least a one year warranty to their customers and should be able to intervene in the event the system fails. This is the best way to ensure one does not spend on services that do not add value to life.

What Makes Promotional Bags A Unique Promotion Tool?

What Makes Promotional Bags A Unique Promotion Tool?
To match up with stiff competition in the market, a company is supposed to embrace wise promotion decisions. This is something that should be done considering things like effectiveness and ability to reach target audience within the right time. Sometimes it becomes necessary to employ unique techniques that are meant to set the business separate among competitors. All investors will confirm that this is not as easy as it sounds. Some dedication and a great deal of investment will be needed to steer forward any marketing campaign. However, good news is that one is now able to reach a bigger audience and in a more effective way by simply using promotional bags. 

One of the arguments in support of promotional bags is the fact that the business owner is able to save a lot with this method. This conclusion can be made when the method is compared to other media like TV and print media advertising. These two methods call for one to invest millions so as to have the campaign launched. To make matters worse, regardless of how compelling the campaign may seem, there is no guarantee that target people will view the advert. Therefore, it becomes challenging to determine whether the campaign may prove useful. But with promotional bags one is able to minimize on expenditure yet at the same time manage to reach the target audience. 

Longevity is an issue that raises concern when someone is looking for a better way to promote their business. Promotional bags cater for this issue because once someone gets the bag, they are able to use it for more than three years. Any message or logos printed on the bag will remain intact all this time. What this means is that the company will not need to keep sending regular messages to remind people about their existence. Once customers get promotional bags they will be willing to return for more services from the company. 

Establishing a brand name can also be daunting, especially if the firm is new in the market. However, using promotional bags at brandme.com.au helps to make it easier to win the loyalty of more people. Once someone gets the bag, they will share the same information with friends and family. These friends will also be interested in getting one and for this reason, they will resolve to visit the business for more details. In that process the business establishes a name that paces them at a better position.

The Importance of Wedding Photography Melbourne

The Importance of Wedding Photography Melbourne

As a bride, you may have a million things to keep your mind occupied as you plan your wedding and reception. It is understandable that you may struggle to find the time to get everything done to plan your wedding, and you may even feel inclined to pay less attention to some things. When it comes to wedding photography Melbourne, however, you do not want to choose the first photographer that you find. The fact is that wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, and with a closer look, you will see exactly why this is. 

Many of the details that you are planning for your wedding and reception will provide you with a result at the wedding or reception, but wedding photography Melbourne will give you results that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. You may easily forget how your wedding cake tastes or if the DJ played the right songs at your reception. However, the photographs from your wedding photography services will be reviewed periodically by you and your loved ones over the years. These are photographs that could be viewed by your children, grandchildren and many others. For many who view the photos, it will be their only experience associated with your wedding because they were not present to attend. 

More than that, wedding photography Melbourne will also define your wedding experience. Consider that in a decade or two, you may have very few memories of your wedding day, but you will be reminded of the event by viewing the photo album. Essentially, the wedding album that is created through the efforts of wedding photography Melbourne with http://www.novaphotography.com.au will eventually define many of your own memories of the event. 

The results of wedding photography Melbourne certainly will not play a role at the actual event in the same way that the flowers, cake and catered food will, but these services will be important long after the wedding has ended. Because of this, it is important that you take time to find a quality photographer to work with and that you devote proper time and effort defining your expectations and desires to the photographer before your wedding day.


Signs That Show It’s Time to Take a Computer in for Computer Repairs in Melbourne

Signs That Show It’s Time to Take a Computer in for Computer Repairs in Melbourne

It’s often difficult to know exactly when you might need computer repairs Melbourne located. Here are a few examples of signs that you might need to get down to your local shop.

Blue Screen of Death

If you’re getting the so called “blue screen of death” more than once every once in a while, this is actually a good sign that you need computer repairs Melbourne by 1300fixnow.com.au located as soon as possible. This screen tends to show up only in situations where your computer has very severe software or hardware damage. 

If the blue screen appears, it means that you need to get help sooner rather than later. 

Massive Spyware

If you start your computer and start viewing it and a hundred windows open up in seconds of starting it up, this is a good indication that you’re going to need some serious help. There are things that you can do on your, of course, but if you’re at a loss or if you don’t want to go through the trouble, then getting computer repairs Melbourne located is generally a good idea.

After all, the longer you wait, the more damage could potentially accrue on your hard drive. In fact, spyware like this can even gain access to your private information as well. It’s not unheard of for spyware programs to gain access to your bank accounts and credit cards. 

This means that you should really focus on bringing the computer somewhere to get thoroughly cleaned by a professional before anything worse happens. 

Home Page Keeps Changing

Another sign that you need to go get computer repairs Melbourne located is if the home page on your browser is continually changing to a new page. This is especially the case if the new page itself is constantly trying to download new files onto your computer without your permission. 

If this is happening even after procedures are taken to try to change it back, it could mean that a very resilient program is on the computer. It could take a lot of effort and special technical knowledge for how to scrub the computer clean.

Computer Repairs Melbourne Located Overview 

The longer people wait before taking their computers in for repairs when repairs are badly needed, the more possibilities there are for damage. There’s really no good reason to wait if any of these signs show up. 

Those who take their computers in are almost always glad they did.